Creative Content Writing

  1. Writing

A cohesive narrative is the bedrock of an effective annual report. Not only will it draw and sustain readers’ attention, but it will also lend context, structure, and meaning to the content. One of the most difficult, but important, steps in the writing process is deciding what to include and what to leave out. Writing an annual report requires precision and a clear understanding of the material.

We work with clients from the start of the process to identify the general theme and key messages. Because an annual report should read differently than other internal communications, we interview key stakeholders, including board members and senior management, to pinpoint the most important issues, and gather information from across the organisation. We work to produce a report that is sharp, readable and consistent in its tone of voice.

2. Editing

We collate information, statistics and data and edit the text as well as advise you on how best to structure and write the material.

As annual report writers, we understand that compiling a report can be a tedious job. Also, with several changes being made it may be difficult to spot the errors. That’s where our annual report writing services come handy. Our writers do a good job of checking for spellings, punctuation errors, grammar, etc. Additionally, they will also look for inconsistencies in the layout and make the final changes before submitting it for publication.

3. Design for Impact

Annual reports must be designed in an interesting and engaging manner. Our designers have experience in creating the right story while presenting your numbers fairly. We are able to use infographics and images to showcase your achievements and successes in the best manner. Our designers will give you:

  • Clean designs
  • Meticulous presentation
  • Appealing data presentation